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Solace in Self-Quarantine

By: Alyssa Uribe, SDSU Chapter Member

In the midst of the school year, COVID-19 has impacted students and families globally. This situation has left billions confused and anxious about what may come. The United States has instructed citizens to self-quarantine and refrain from large group gatherings. For many college students, this means moving home, continuing courses online, and focusing on your health- which can all be very overwhelming. As this chapter in our lives unfolds, I encourage you to escape your restless thoughts and find solace in your self-quarantine.

Usually, we are always on the go, our days are planned by the hour: we go to work, school, extracurriculars, and repeat. We plan our social gatherings within specific times of the day and we leave just enough time to rest and wake up for the next packed day. This is your chance to STOP and take a minute.

Although these are not the best circumstances, you can use the time you have at home productively! Productive work doesn’t necessarily have to be about your job or school, instead you can be productive in your personal life by allowing yourself to be intentional with your relationships and take time for self-reflection.

Here are a few tips on how to use your time in self-quarantine:

1. Strengthen relationships

Family and friends are important parts of our lives. Communicate with them often. Whether you live with them or are thousands of miles away, make an effort to talk to them and check-in. Staying home can get lonely, but simply facetiming or texting someone can make them feel cherished. True relationships will flourish even in the hardest conditions!

2. Find hobbies (workout, paint, do yoga, etc.)

Now is the perfect time to find hobbies. You have plenty of time in your day to try new or continue your usual activities. If you miss the gym, create an at-home workout that can keep you in action using the equipment and space you have at home. You can also try out yoga! This is a simple and soothing form of exercise that requires little room and no equipment. Find time to learn new cooking recipes, since most of your meals will require some effort to make at home. Have fun with it and experiment with different flavors and food combinations. Play board games and puzzles- creating game strategies is a great way to get your mind going in an entertaining way. Read books! Take time to read those interesting books you never had time for before, reading can allow you to venture beyond your living room couch!

3. Study

Now is the perfect time to dive into your studies. We have more time than ever to finish assignments and study for exams. Try to really understand the concepts, you may surprise yourself and find genuine interest in the topics. Study for big exams such as the MCAT and GRE, because you can never start too early!

4. Self-care

Take time for yourself and let go of the stress that is holding on to you. Treat yourself with face masks and bath bombs. Listen to your favorite music. Watch your favorite movies. Do whatever makes you happy!

As much as this virus may have “derailed your plans,” it is important that we see the bigger picture.

Use this trying time to get back to your roots. Find yourself again. Connect with family and friends. Open your heart to the world and the strangers you share it with and appreciate all the little things that were overlooked before!


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