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About Us

The Founding Story


Throughout her undergraduate career, Holly had always felt isolated and underrepresented as a woman in the sciences. Starting the Women in Science Society at her school was her attempt to not only create an environment of motivation and mutual support for herself- but an attempt to create a sense of community among women in science. When over 150 women joined, Holly realized that it wasn't just a small subset of women who felt the same way she did, it was the majority of women in science at her school. This realization lead to an increased sense of purpose. Holly decided to use the Women in Science Society as a platform to initiate change. With the help of her chapter's Leadership Team, Holly began planning events and implementing programs that not only promoted an atmosphere of inclusion and support for these women, but also provided them with opportunities that contributed to their academic and professional success. Seeing the impact that her chapter had on its members, Holly decided to convert the organization into a 501(c)(3), allowing her to establish chapters at universities across the country and therefore expand the scope of this organization's impact. 

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