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By: Alyssa Uribe, SDSU Chapter Member

As stem majors we seem to always be striving to be enough; to reach or meet a specific standard. Whose standards are you trying to meet? Parents? Friends? Peers? “Enough” is a daunting word holds so much power over us. As young women and stem students, being “enough” can be a weighing concern. Whether we try to apply ourselves in academics or in the multiple positions we hold in society, we question our worthiness. We are so quick to accept judgment from others and alter ourselves to reach their expectations but we rarely ask if we are enough for ourselves.

Being “enough” becomes an accumulating burden as we venture through college and plan our futures. As we get closer to applying to graduate schools or careers, “competitive” becomes a common expression. Is my GPA competitive? Is my exam score competitive? How do I become a more competitive applicant? While all of these questions linger in our minds, one of the biggest looming questions is “Am I enough?” We are competing with hundreds from our own institutions and thousands from across the country for coveted programs; each of us in pursuit of our dream career. We are ceaselessly comparing ourselves to others. We compare backgrounds, experience, résumés and in most cases, we end our analysis disappointed in our own triumphs. Evidently, you can see how easy it can be to fall into a pit of self-doubt. In this increasingly competitive world, we are taught that we have to be “the best” in order to achieve anything we desire. This, however, is not realistic.

You are enough. Be proud of who you are and all of your accomplishments. As cliche as it may sound, each and every person is unique. We all have different strengths, weaknesses, and passions; there is no way for you to accurately compare yourself to a friend or classmate. Be you. Pursue what you love to do. Don’t forget how capable and amazing you are. Push yourself to reach your highest potential and by doing so you will see that you are more than enough.


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