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Ways to Decorate Your Room on a Budget

By: Jessica Martin, SDSU Chapter Member

As college students, we definitely don’t have hundreds to drop on maintaining a homey and well-decorated room. Although it might seem like an impossible task, there are a lot of places that offer cute decor to add some personal flair to your room for very affordable prices. For the purposes of this blog post, I did an intensive crawl through Target’s “college” section to find things that you can buy for under $15, but there are lots of other places to consider looking as well (like Amazon or Walmart)! Hopefully this sparks some inspiration to make your room a place that truly feels like your space.

1.Removable wall decals ($9.99)

For a little inexpensive (& non-damaging) wall coverage!

2. Letterboard ($12.99) To fill with inspirational quotes or important things that you can’t forget.

3. Whiteboard/Corkboard (Starting at $5.99)

Cover it with pictures, sentimental things that you have saved (tickets, letters, etc) or to-do lists for the week!

4. Vase + fake flowers ($4.99)

A cute way to bring a little nature into your space without having to deal with keeping an actual plant alive :)

5. Accent rug (Starting at $9.99) The quickest way to make you feel like you’re truly adulting while making a cozy & comfy atmosphere.

6. String Lights (Starting at $4.99) The stereotypical college room decoration, but lots of more unique variations are available as well like pineapples and flamingos.


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