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By: Alyssa Uribe, SDSU Chapter Member

Dreams. What a wonderful word. It brings feelings of joy and hope. Thinking about it now brings a smile to my face. When we were younger, we conjured up the most outrageous dreams. At the age of 8, we thought we had the perfect life plan. Nothing could stop us. Our parents laughed with us and agreed. Our life was set!

When I was a child, my dream was to be a lawyer and have a pet penguin. I was absolutely certain of it. My young heart wanted nothing more. Thinking about it now, it sounds completely crazy but I can’t deny I was a dreamer from the beginning.

We all have dreams. At one time or another, we have felt compelled to strive for a dream. As children, the world was still unknown but we were determined to dominate it. We approached every aspect of our lives with confidence. We had nothing to fear. We were unapologetically bold, fearless and completely ourselves.

When was the last time you felt this way about your dreams? Our dreams as college students may bring more stress than tranquility in some cases. We tend to think more logically than when we were kids and often question ourselves. As kids, big dreams weren’t big enough. Today, we fear our dreams are too big to attain.

You are the director of your dreams. It is up to you to take a leap of faith. Don’t be afraid to dream wildly. Our dreams are not lollipops and rainbows anymore. Our dreams are becoming more of a reality and we can’t ignore or expect them to come true on their own. Take a step towards your dream every day and make it possible. Persistence and passion will get you through. Get excited about it! Dream big and bold. Reawaken the adventure and imagination of your dreams.


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