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Music to Help You Focus

By: Mehak Dureja, SDSU Chapter Member

Feeling down lately? Have no motivation to do anything even remotely related to school? Well, same here. Usually, any and all upbeat music helps motivate me to get my work done, but even that seems to be failing me with all that is going on in the world. So, I did some digging and found some new songs and some throwbacks that have helped me get back to the grind that I figured I’d share with you!

1. I Love Me - Demi Lovato

2. Boss Bitch - Doja Cat (THIS ONE’S FOR ALL MY TIK TOKERS)

3. How You Like Me Now - Taki Waki

4. Rock Me - One Direction (don’t judge, I HAD TO add them on here !)

5. Daisies - Katy Perry

6. Good Life - G-Eazy and Kehlani (my fav feeling on the top of the world kinda song)

7. Wolves - Selena Gomez

8. I’m Ready - Sam Smith and Demi Lovato (Sam Smith has a song that does not get you in your feels ??? YES !! )

9. One Foot - WALK THE MOON

10. Best Song Ever - One Direction (oof I promise this is the last one, but I can't help but bust out a move to this)

11. Glorious - Macklemore and Skylar Grey

12. Catch My Breath - Kelly Clarkson

13. POWER - Kanye West

14. Classic - MKTO (really a classic ! ;) )

15. Clarity - Zedd, Foxes

I hope this new playlist helps lift you up, and get you in the mood to focus on something productive today :)


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