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Looking Good on the Job

By: Alyssa Uribe, SDSU Chapter Member

Are you attending spring conferences or applying for summer programs? Spring is the perfect time to be productive and prepare for exciting opportunities. One of the biggest stressors with these events is planning outfits. Whether you love to shop or not, everyone needs professional clothes. You never know when an opportunity may come up and you have to be prepared to walk into a meeting with the right attire.

Professional clothing doesn't have to be boring or uncomfortable! There are so many ways you can tailor outfits to your style and make your personality pop. It can be difficult to formulate your style but I am here to give you some tips:

Start with the basics - a simple black blazer and dress pants are classic! All you need is one or two sets of blazers and bottoms and you can mix and match from there.

Invest in different formal blouses - different tops can bring some variety to a small wardrobe. With just a switch of your shirt or bottoms and the outfit looks brand new. Feel free to stray from the traditional black and white color scheme. Choose a popping solid color or a fun pattern.

When you accessorize with different jewelry, shoes, purses, and hairstyles- your possibilities are endless.

Overall, when dressing for professional events, just remember to stay true to your tastes and find clothing that shows a piece of who you are. Confidence and comfort in your clothing will make you unstoppable in professional settings! Here are some of my favorite professional outfits you can use to get some inspiration to create your own!


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