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5 DIYs to Destress While Decorating Your Room

By: Mehak Dureja, SDSU Chapter Member

As STEM majors, we use on our brains so much that we often neglect our heart and the rest of our wellbeing. This leads to burnouts, breakdowns, restlessness, and lots and lots of caffeine. However, sometimes all we need is a little light-hearted activity to calm ourselves down and give ourselves a refreshing kick start before going back to reality. Personally, when I am super stressed out, I turn to DIY activities for my room. You don’t have to be creatively gifted to engage in crafts here and there, I’m definitely not! These are some of the things I like to do to change up my scenery in the room:

Decorate or redecorate wall: As STEM majors we always have so many notes and drawings ranging from the human anatomy to the intricate structure of the cell. As the semester goes on, my notes just pile up, so I have dedicated a section above my desk to different drawings and notes from classes. As minuscule as the task sounds, organizing your neatest notes creates an aesthetic collection of our proudest moments.

Customize mason jars: Mason jars are an easy way to store all of the things that piles up on your desk, and when you decorate them from the inside with pens and confetti it always adds a little sparkle to the room.

Succulents: Flowers and live plants can be a lot to take care of, but succulents are a small little addition to your room that you can take care of by spraying water every other day.

Lights: The same old dim lamp can become boring. Bring some life to you room by adding different colored lights. They can also give you more motivation to stay up during those late nights of studying. (;

Photos: Personally, I love having pictures of my family and friends because it reminds me each day of who and what I am fighting for. However, you should have whatever calms you down and inspires you to stay motivated up on your wall. Be sure to switch it up every few months to keep yourself from becoming numb to seeing the same thing.


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