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Simrit Dhindsa

CSU Fresno Chapter

By: Ixchel Urbano, SDSU Chapter Member

Meet Simrit Dhindsa, an intelligent rising senior at California State University, Fresno. Simrit is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry in preparation for her dream career of being an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, and outside of the classroom she dedicates her time to helping others through volunteer work! Simrit currently serves as Treasurer for her Chapter of WSS, and enjoys using her leadership role to grow the organization on her campus. Simrit has definitely made her impact at California State University, Fresno thus far, and she attributes her unending motivation to none other than being an active member in her University’s Chapter of Women in Science Society.

Simrit said she joined WSS because in her own pursuit of a STEM career she could not ignore the fact that women were simply not held to the same expectations male scientists were. She longed for a place where a woman’s intelligence and talents were celebrated, so when she discovered Women in Science Society, she was overwhelmed with excitement to join an organization that valued all she did. To Simrit, WSS has been so impactful because the organization provides women a place where they can grow, learn, and seek opportunities by networking together.

Simrit has always said her go to advice when mentoring or talking to her peers is reminding them they are capable of anything, and being their best will take them far in life. She thanks WSS for allowing her to be who she is and believes the organization has been a large part of her impeccable confidence that has paved the way for her to shine in and out of the classroom.

Outside of WSS, Simrit is the Founder and President of her school’s Operation Smile, an organization that dedicates itself to raising awareness and fundraising for children who are suffering from a cleft lip or cleft palate. Her efforts have been able to provide many children with the surgeries they need to prevent the at times fatal condition of experiencing a cleft lip or palate. Simrit also spends time mentoring college freshmen to ease their transition into university life. It is no secret that the transition from high school to college can be quite difficult and her time spent at the College of Science and Math Mentorship Student Success Program has truly touched the lives of young freshmen who are trying their best to succeed. Simrit also enjoys tutoring in general and organic chemistry. This specific volunteer work has been very special to her because it has allowed her to combine her passion for chemistry with helping others. In addition to her tutoring, Simrit exercises her love for science by being an active researcher in an organic chemistry lab for the past two years, which has been a critical influence in her scientific interest.

Overall, Simrit’s volunteer work and love for both WSS and biochemistry truly shine a light on how she has been able to make a meaningful impact on all she has been a part of. With the current state of the pandemic, Simrit has made a point to invest even more time in her volunteer work so she may continue to help others who may be facing more challenges than they have ever experienced. Simrit Dhindsa has an incredibly bright future ahead of her, and it is exciting to know that Women in Science Society has been a part of her amazing college experience.

Simrit Dhindsa
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