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Makenna May

SDSU Chapter

By: Makenna May, SDSU Chapter Member

WSS was the first organization I joined that made my heart race. As a girl growing up, I was always a nerd. I enjoyed my classes, and learning was one of my favorite pastimes, but I learned early on that intelligence isn't always valued in young women. I was told to channel my efforts into my appearance, my reputation, and how likable I was to boys. These were the things that made you successful, stop worrying about grades.
I felt trapped in my southern town. I didn't care about being pretty, or popular. I wanted people to recognize me for what I valued most; my intelligence and work ethic. When I went off to college I expected something different. I got out of Texas, and went to SDSU hopeful that in a place of education, it might finally be valuable to be smart.
Again I was disappointed. My freshman year was full of struggles to make friends outside the party scene. It felt as if I was only as valuable as the frat boy connections I had made. I felt defeated.
I thought:

Maybe this is what womanhood looked like in 2018.
Then, I found WSS. At the first meeting I immediately felt at home. The girls around me had the same struggles, the same dreams, and the same value for intelligence and love of learning that I had been seeking in other people for so long. The Leadership Team was an inspiration to me of how to enjoy both femininity and intelligence without damages to either.
To me WSS was a light at the end of the tunnel. It served as a message that said "All those hours spent studying for exams, are worth it. All that time volunteered, was worth it. All those other things you do, even when you don't want to do them. They are worth it, and here are 200+ sisters who find it worth it too."

WSS is empowerment, sisterhood, and knowledge all wrapped up into one.

Makenna May
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