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Fiona Esho

SDSU Chapter

By: Ixchel Urbano, SDSU Chapter Member

Meet Fiona Esho, a third year Civil Engineering major at San Diego State University. Fiona is an ambitious young woman who loves adventure. Her dream goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and having a successful engineering firm of her own! When she is not working hard at school, Fiona spends her summers traveling to new places to gain a different perspective of the world. Fiona is a very well rounded individual and credits her university’s Chapter of WSS with adding to her college experience as a commuter student.
Fiona joined WSS this Fall because she wanted to meet more women in the STEM community, who had similar goals and aspirations to her own. As a commuter student, Fiona often found it difficult at times to become more involved on campus. Prior to joining WSS and other student organizations, Fiona’s normal school day was commuting to campus for class and leaving as soon as she finished. Fiona did not want that routine to be how she remembered her undergraduate life, so she made a change. She decided to join as many organizations as she could, which led her to WSS! WSS quickly became an organization that she formed a deeper connection with. Fiona described how all the friends she made in WSS were very supportive and wanted nothing more than for her and all the members of their Chapter to be successful.

Outside of WSS, Fiona has become heavily involved on campus. She is currently a part of two engineering organizations- Society of Women Engineers and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Through these two organizations, Fiona has been able to learn about engineering outside of an academic setting and expand her view of the field she is so passionate about! Fiona is involved in Greek life as well, she is part of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, where she has met many quality friends who have only added to her college experience.

Aside from her many extracurriculars, Fiona also finds the time to give back to the STEM community by voluntarily tutoring many students who have needed assistance in subjects that she has come to excel in, through her time as an undergraduate engineering student. She has been tutoring STEM subjects for four years now and plans on tutoring for as long as she can!
As Fiona reflects on her three years of college thus far, her best piece of advice is to not rush any part of the experience. She encourages her fellow peers to avoid cramming too many classes in a semester, as it increases the likelihood of stress and limits growth as a student. Another token of advice Fiona had was to choose a career path that you are truly passionate about, this will provide the best opportunity to live a happy life in the future and allow you to enjoy going to work every day.
The Women in Science Society loves seeing how members, like Fiona, can join WSS later in their college years and still get so much out of it. Fiona’s ability to turn her own college experience around by becoming involved on campus is inspiring. We hope members will read this and see it is never too late to join something you are interested in or passionate about!

Fiona Esho
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