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5 Tips for Pre-Med Students, With Dr. Sturchler

By: Jessica Martin, SDSU Chapter Member

Meet Dr. Maria Sturchler, an ER Doctor starting in on the third and final year of her residency, as well as serving as Treasurer on the Board of Directors of National level of WSS. Dr. Sturchler enjoys working in the ER because of the level of variability that comes with each 8-12 hour shift; when she walks in the door she never knows what type of day it will be- patients could arrive in any condition, ranging from a near-death or critical state to simply having a non-threatening injury or disease. In addition to the incredible diversity of cases she could treat each day, Dr. Sturchler likes working with the wide range of people that visit the ER each day, as it is a service the whole community utilizes.

Although we know not all pre-med students are interested in pursuing a career in the ER, advice from a successful resident such as Dr. Sturchler can be highly beneficial for any aspiring medical student! Here are Dr. Sturchlers top 5 tips on how to succeed in medicine:

1. “Collect” valuable mentors.

Make sure they are diverse, and interested in different things. Meet or speak with them regularly.

2. Follow through on what you promise.

Be a person of your word. Your reputation matters more than you can imagine, medicine is a small world!

3. Remove toxic relationships or influences from your life.

Time is a precious resource when you are a pre-med, one that you cannot afford to waste.

4. Eat well, sleep right, and exercise regularly.

Your mind cannot flourish under harsh conditions for extended periods. Drugs and alcohol will drain you.

5. Cultivate outside interests.

Be passionate about what interests you, it doesn’t have to be all about medicine and science ALL the time. :)


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