Shop Small This Holiday Season

By: Alyssa Uribe, SDSU Chapter Member

Shopping season is here! As November progresses and December approaches, stores begin their yearly holiday sales. Every year I try to purchase holiday gifts as early as possible so I can beat the rush, but I tend to fall into the sale traps and spend hours waiting in lines and wondering the mall to find the “perfect” gifts. So, this year, I’m dodging the department store gimmicks and am planning on purchasing gifts from small businesses in my community instead- and so should you!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many small businesses to suffer. However, the holiday season is a chance for small business owners to make a comeback- so they need your help this holiday season! The best gifts are those uniquely made by small businesses, anyway. Small businesses also tend to offer quality products, excellent care for your orders, eco-friendly packaging, and add personal touches. You can find everything from jewelry, clothing, baked goods, and personalized gifts. Anything you need can be found when you shop small! 

Additionally, when you purchase from a small business, you are giving back to the local economy, helping business owners pay their bills, and keeping dreams alive. Put a smile on a friend’s face and make a business owner’s day with your next purchase! Make an effort this holiday season to find local businesses and give back to your community. I know I will be shopping from two of my favorite women-owned small businesses, Vieso and Made by Ly this season. Where will you be shopping?

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