What are you passionate about?

By: Alyssa Uribe, SDSU Chapter Member


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Who will you be? You have infinite options for future careers. Which one will make you happy? Which one are you passionate about? We are fortunate to live in a time where we have a choice in our future. It is up to us to take hold of our lives and pave our own path.

While some can easily identify their passions, others may feel lost or hindered. You may feel uneasy about being a young adult and making these impactful decisions. You restrict yourself from thinking big. You make every excuse in the book, “I could never do that because it’s too much money… it takes too long… it’s too hard.” You find reasons to hold yourself back from taking chances. You are not alone. Everyone has felt these feelings of uncertainty. One week you can be interested in one field and find something new next week. This is okay! Let yourself explore all of your options. Soon enough, something will light a spark. Finding what you love is an experience to treasure. You might find yourself compelled to multiple passions. When you can’t imagine dedicating your life to anything else, you have found it.

When we finally realize our calling we hold it in when instead, we should celebrate it. We have made our first step and can now begin our journey. Take a step in the right direction every day in pursuit of your passion. Visualize who and where you want to be and don’t let anything stop you. Be courageous and confident. Share your passion. Inspire yourself and others. You will soon see the growth of a spark to an everlasting flame.