8 DIY Science- Themed Halloween Costumes

By: Jessica Martin, SDSU Chapter Member

Coming up with a good Halloween costume that is fun and cheap/easy to make is a struggle these days. Here are 8 science-inspired DIY costumes to inspire you to embrace your inner science-y self while also embracing the spooky season! Take a break from studying to have some holiday skeleFUN! Happy Halloween ladies! 

pH Scale

Grab a couple science sisters, some t-shirts and some fabric markers and you are ready to go!

Solar system

This one requires a little more DIY skills, but it is a cute way to have a super low-key costume! Maybe you’ll get a chance to have a debate about whether Pluto is a planet or not at the Halloween Party ;)

Pumpkin Pi
This pun won’t go over anyone’s head! All you need is an orange shirt and a market or some duct tape to make this math-y costume. 

Schrodinger’s Cat
This one is for all of my ladies in physics! What’s more spooky than being dead and alive at the same time??

Mad Scientist
I know you all have lab coats and goggles lying around which would make this costume a breeze! Add some makeup to make it look like you set off an explosion for some extra flare! 

We LOVE a chemistry pun! A good way to rep science & use those cat ears from last year. 


Everyone loves the powerhouse of the cell, now is your chance to show the world just how powerful you are!



For an easy solo or group costume, choose your favorite element & make a look out of it!

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