Call Me Crazy
By: Alyssa Uribe, SDSU Chapter Member

As little girls, we are told we can grow up to be princesses, but not astronauts. We can be wives, but not doctors. We can be mothers, but not engineers. Why? Because women are hardly seen as smart, outspoken, adventurous, or leaders. Instead, women are taught to be passive, quiet, and vulnerable- and if we stray from any of these characteristics, we are labeled as problematic. 

Nike recently released a commercial highlighting how women are too often criticized when pushing boundaries or breaking the status quo. The commercial points out that when women show emotion, strength, or passion we are called “dramatic,” “delusional,” or “crazy.” But, at the end of the commercial, a powerful phrase was displayed: “Show them what crazy can do.”

As women in science, we are constantly defying stereotypes. We are often told that we are crazy- crazy for attempting such rigorous courses, crazy for risking our social lives, crazy for believing in ourselves despite the obstacles.

Women in science show their “crazy” every day, and we are not ashamed of it. We make our presence known, and refuse to back down from a challenge. We are strong. We are intelligent. We are the future. We are proud to be women in science and we will most definitely show them what crazy can do.